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Therapy for Young People

Whether you are a parent or care-giver reading this or a young person, It feels important that I start by saying, it is a privilege to support teenagers and young people in their development and through any difficulties they may be experiencing in their young lives..


When things are troubling you it might be that you feel worried, anxious, stressed, confused, angry or sad. I get that sometimes it can be hard to know what to do to improve things and find a way forward. Sometimes the expectations of others such as family, friends or school/college, can lead us to place more pressures on ourselves without realising it. Trying to manage all of this  can feel very lonely and overwhelming and you don't have to do it all on your own. In asking for some help and support you are making a courageous and positive step.

I appreciate that it can sometimes feel difficult to open up and talk about personal things to someone new. Having a safe and private space to talk someone who sees things from your perspective and who really listens, can help you to understand the different things that impact on how you are and what you do. For a lot of people, talking through their problems and feelings is really helpful and that is exactly what they want from counselling, but for some this can feel difficult.

It might be that the pressure of talking feels too daunting  to begin with, or sometimes it feels there aren't the words to describe what you are feeling. In this instance I may invite you to work in a more creative way, it might be that you choose to express your feelings by drawing them or using objects or images that help you to visualise the things you would only normally experience inside yourself. Gaining a deeper understanding of how things are affecting you can help you make changes and different choices in your life so that you can find a way forward that is best for you.

How can counselling help?

What if I don't know how to express myself ?