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Therapy for Adults

At times in our life we can struggle to make sense of things or see a clear way forward. It may be that you are trying to deal with bereavement, family, work or relationship difficulties, or perhaps you are experiencing feelings of anxiety, sadness or depression. I appreciate that it can sometimes feel difficult to open up to family or friends for fear of feeling judged or being offered unhelpful advice, and this can can hold us back from being able to freely express our genuine thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


I believe people have the ability to find there own way through life but there are times where having some support and acknowledgement of what you are going through is needed to help find that way. 

My human to human counselling approach means I will work collaboratively with you, so together we can look at the different things that may impact on how you are and what you do.


My role is not to offer you my advice  or make my own assumptions about your experience, however I will bring my knowledge and experience to help you make connections with all aspects of your self, so that with this understanding you can make changes and choices in your life that are best for you.

How can counselling help?